‘A brand-new way to celebrate the son of GOAT’ – Mateo celebrated in his own unique way to express his love for Di Maria❤️

”A fresh approach to commemorate the son of the greatest artist”— Mateo honoured Di Maria in a way that was all his own️

After hoisting the World Cup to the top of the Lusail Stadium platform, Lionel Messi presented it to Angel Di Maria as his first recipient. The two, who are 69 years apart, have travelled the path to success together ever since they won gold at the 2008 Olympics.

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In a 1-0 victory over Nigeria on that day fourteen years ago, Di Maria scored the game-winning through pass from Messi.

Their remarkable longevity allowed them to pull off the major one more than ten years after they had previously won the Under 20 World Cup together.

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Both after Argentina’s victory over France in the World Cup final on Sunday (right) and during their 2008 Beijing Olympics gold medal campaign (left), Lionel Messi is hoisted by Angel Di Maria.

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Di Maria was the first player Messi handed the World Cup trophy to after Argentina’s win

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The two had been teammates on the Argentina team for a long time, waiting for this opportunity.

Di Maria scored a magnificent goal for his nation against France four years ago in Russia, but it was not enough to keep them from losing 4-3 in the round of sixteen. It appeared to be his and Messi’s final opportunity to win the World Cup.

He harassed Jules Kounde before scoring the first goal on Sunday night, and he also won the first penalty after a bad foul by Ousmane Dembele. For an hour, he was the finest player on the pitch.

The team broke down right after Lionel Scaloni removed him. His manager was aware that he could only perform for an hour at a time.

Argentina had made every effort to conceal his distance from full fitness in previous rounds in order to avoid giving away any information about the team’s selection; the rule was always to save him for the championship game and only use him for a maximum of 60 minutes there.

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Messi and Di Maria have been on opposing club teams for the majority of their careers

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