A dog, resembling a frozen statue, arrives at the shelter, huddled in a corner and completely immobile, vividly depicting the profound impact of both physical and emotional neglect.

In actuality, he is the immobile dog.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC was called by a South Texas animal rescue. The dog, which didn’t even seem like a dog, was hairless, and his skin was so infected with secondary skin conditions like mange that he looked more like a stone statue than a dog. Without quick medical care, he wouldn’t live.

The rescue crew felt compelled to intervene. They adopted the dog, Grinch, and their hearts immediately fell apart. What occurred to make this dog turn out this way? What happened to him? Although it was painful, getting him well now was the only thing that counted. They were unable to tell what kind of dog Grinch was. He looked a stone statue.

The Grinch started treatment after being brought to a veterinary clinic. He needed to take medicinal baths and topical medications every day. His skin infections also required antibiotic treatment. The Grinch was also underweight. It was time to take all the required steps to ensure that Grinch was in the best health possible so that he could be put in a foster household.

A month later, the dog had made an astonishing recovery. He was well enough to leave the clinic, but he was quite shy and even fearful of other dogs. This would be difficult! No one, however, was given up on the sweet boy. He did resemble a dog now! Isn’t he the cutest?

As a foster child, Grinch was put with a lovely family. His new foster mother worked with Grinch every day. She instructed him on the use of toys and everything dog-related information. His actual character started to emerge. Although Grinch still has a ways to go, it seems like his foster family is warming up to the courageous youngster. He may turn out to be a foster failure. Even if we don’t know, we can be sure that the Grinch’s cruel days are behind him. We appreciate everyone who helped his worthy pet.

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