A dog that has experienced the most challenging and difficult life imaginable.

Meet Eeyore. The little dog that has had the worst life possible is safe at Stray Rescue St. Louis; he has already captivated the hearts of his rescuers.

“He’s bleeding and has open wounds, and suffers from an extreme case of mange. “As if his life wasn’t bad enough, he just tested positive for the fatal ailment canine parvovirus (parvo),” the rescue group said over photographs of the dog now dubbed Eeyore on their Facebook page.

And, as is so often with dogs rescued from the harshest situations and locales, these generous spirits rarely blame anyone.

“When you touch him, he just melts. All he wants is to be loved and caressed. “Those sorrowful eyes are unbearable.”

Eeyore is being treated with medicine and is drinking and eating, which are both signals that he is battling for his life.

Check out his video:

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