A forsaken puppy, with eyes filled with sadness, awaits assistance in a cardboard box with a swollen stomach.

This poor puppy was abandoned in a card box with a big stomach. We didn’t know what the problem was with her and how long she suffered in pain.



Look at her eyes, it’s so scared and sad, hopeless waiting for help!



We took the little puppy to the Vet for treatment, after checking her stomach with a lot of fluids, her back legs were also swollen like her stomach.


Day 1: After the first treatment, now our little puppy (name Bean) can eat a little food.

She will be drilling the fluids out of her stomach tomorrow! The fluid has been drilled out again and again.



Day 2: Bean can eat foods well after drilling out fluids. Good night!



After 5 days of treatment at the Vet clinic, little Bean getting better and ready to go home.

She’s now active, playful with more energy also playing with me. I can’t wait to see little Bean transform into a beautiful and happy girl!



Day 8: Our little Bean is at home now. Look at her eyes, so happy!



She’s continued to visit the Vet check for totally healed. Our little Bean is a naughty girl, she’s barking at me, hi. She deserves to live a happy life after the much pain she suffered. Thanks all!

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