A frightened dog endured immense suffering and was met with hatred by every person he approached for help.

Fahrudin Caki Bravo got a report requested for help a pitiful dog wandering on the street with significant wounds on his face.

They went to help and after several days looking finally they located him and took him to the Vet for treatment. Hopefully they were not late. The difficulty is that the wound that he endured for a long period approximately a month.

After a month was abandoned and wandering with aches on the street eventually he found help! I belive that if this warrior has survived this dreadful pain for a month, then he will be able to to endure and recuperate well likewise.

He is now on the operation table and is being a nice and courageous youngster…

“And after this is all done and he has healed fully, I will do my best so he never has to suffer pain again in his life.. “

5 days later, everything is proceeding according to plan, the wound is mending. He will be given greatest attention and love. \s.

4 months later, Vincente have a safe journey. And may you be happy with every step of your new life. Vincente happy at new house in England. He live his happy life in England.

Thank you Adam, Jane and Susan who was his sponsor and all of you who assisted him!

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