A Giant St. Bernard Forms an Unlikely Friendship with a Tiny Goat That’s Constantly on the Move, Showcasing the Beauty of Unexpected Connections.

Baby goats just love climbing, and when you’re as big as a giant St. Bernard, you’d better get used to your best friend being all over you, literally.

Julie is a St. Bernard with a goat for a little brother, but the gentle giant has the patience of a saint, perhaps even enjoying the attention and mini-massage from those tiny hooves.

Play, play, play is all that baby goat wants to do all day, but his big brother does nothing other than laze around. The two are always inseparable, with not the slightest amount of annoyance ever being seen.

Just wait until you see the hyperactive four-legged friend run out of energy. Naptime is the best, with the comfort being clear on both animals’ faces as they settle down together.

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