A pit bull, abandoned and malnourished, is now on the path to recovery, all thanks to the dedicated efforts of rescuers.

Abandoned, Malnourished Pit Bull Now On The Road To Recovery Thanks To Rescuers.
Abandoned, Malnourished Pit Bull Now On The Road To Recovery Thanks To Rescuers.

It’s always distressing to see a dog abandoned by its owner, especially when they’re in such bad health. Fortunately, there are wonderful individuals in the world who are ready to step up and offer these sad dogs a second shot.

That was recently the situation after a pit bull was abandoned dangerously underweight and unable to stand. Maggie, on the other hand, is finally on the mend.

On July 29, the Orange County Animal Shelter in Virginia accepted an abandoned dog called Maggie. According to WVIR, she was discovered by a citizen and was dangerously underweight, weighing just 27 pounds, half of what would be deemed healthy.

“Maggie was… practically lifeless; she couldn’t move, stand up, or walk,” shelter director Gina Jenkins told WVIR.

She said the dog had demodectic mange and conjunctivitis, as well as being sluggish and dehydrated.

Jenkins believes that, while this is a severe example of animal maltreatment, the owner will not be located. Instead, they’re concentrating on providing her with the love and care she’s been denied: “No one’s going to come forward. She’ll be our first child.”

Maggie is currently in good care and on the mend, however considering her condition, it won’t be easy: it will allegedly take at least 3 to 4 months, and she may never fully regain her hair.

Nonetheless, everyone is determined to give this dog a second shot. Her tale touched internet supporters, who gave thousands of dollars for her care, exceeding their fundraising target in just 24 hours.

“Although she has a long path ahead of her, she is getting a bit better every day,” the shelter said on Facebook. “We’ll keep you posted as she develops.”

Maggie’s spirits have been growing despite the fact that she still has a long way to go. She’s been settling in and making herself comfortable with food and blankets after being subjected to so much brutality and neglect.

“She’s doing very well. “It’s incredible what love, care, and nourishment can do for an animal,” Jenkins told WVIR. “She adores her blankets and enjoys nesting in them.”

It’s tragic that Maggie was abandoned in this manner, but we’re relieved she’s now in wonderful care and on the mend!

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