A Remarkable Feline: Introducing the Giant Cat Matching the Height of a Nine-Year-Old Child

Natalie Bowman holding her giant cat, Finn

Natalie is the owner of a massive Maine Coon cat named Finn, who measures 1.3 meters long, which is the height of an average nine-year-old child. Many people mistake Finn for a dog due to his impressive size and often stop to stare in awe. He weighs a staggering 10kg and requires a lot of care and attention from his owner. Despite his enormous size, Natalie insists that Finn is a docile and curious feline who loves cuddles and affection. Walking Finn on a lead has turned him into a local celebrity, and Natalie enjoys watching people’s reactions when they realize he is a cat and not a dog. While taking care of Finn can be expensive, Natalie thinks it’s worth it as he brings so much joy and humor to her life.

Natalie Bowman holding her giant cat, Finn

Natalie’s furry companion sometimes experiences separation anxiety and can get quite large, causing visitors to be surprised by his size. It’s always amusing for Natalie to see the reaction of service people who come to her home and are startled by her cat’s appearance, with many commenting that he resembles a bobcat or wildcat. Natalie resides in California, USA.

Finn the Maine Coon cat

Visitors tend to get intimidated by Finn’s appearance (as seen in the picture taken by Natalie Bowman). However, despite being a big cat, he has a gentle personality and gets along well with Natalie’s other feline companion. According to Natalie, it took some time for them to get used to each other, but now they have become best buds.

Natalie Bowman holding her giant cat, Finn

This furry friend requires a significant amount of attention and love. According to his owner, he suffers from separation anxiety, which means that he enjoys spending time with people. In fact, he often accompanies his human to work because of his sociable personality. He’s also known for being quite talkative and having a loud meow.

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