A touching story unfolds as a cyclist adopts a puppy found on the road and lovingly carries him home in his pocket.

Cyclist Adopts Puppy Found On Road And Carries Him Home In His Pocket
Cyclist Adopts Puppy Found On Road And Carries Him Home In His Pocket

Cyclist Meire Luce Andrade Abreu from the city of Nordestina, Bahia, found an abandoned dog that was alone on a road. Without hesitation, the woman decided to take the puppy home, tucking it in her shirt pocket, like a mother kangaroo. In an interview with Amo Meu Pet , the cyclist tells about the amazing rescue of Thor the dog.

In love with pedals, Meire loves to go around the roads of her city. And she doesn’t even care about the weather, rain or shine, there she is with her bike. And as a lover of the sport, I think that cycling is a terrific medication for life and for the soul.

About a week ago, with the weather closed, Meire was not scared and went to her bike. But what might be a tempest for the city, became the serenity of a meeting with a dog.

In the midst of the way, the woman found an abandoned dog. The companion who followed her on the pedal instructed her to pick up the puppy the other day, as she would not be able to carry the dog on her bicycle.

“No! There’s no way I’m going! I’m taking him immediately!”, Meire remarked to her pal.

With a lot of affection, he grabbed the tiny one and put it in the pocket of his cyclist’s jersey and, content with his decision, he proceeded on his way.

The dog received a home! And a lovely name, which complements the day he was rescued: Thor (in Norse mythology meaning “thunder”) (in Norse mythology means “thunder”). After the rescue, the puppy was transferred to the veterinarian who found that his health was fine.

Now, Thor is no longer alone in this life: he has a family with four canine siblings who are likely to become excellent buddies.

Meire is enthusiastic about animals and leaves a message for individuals who want to adopt or aid an abandoned animal.

“Adopting needs to be for love, since kids have feelings and know when someone likes them or not.”

Don’t deny aid to a needy animal, be supportive. Adopting is an act of love and assisting is an act of respect!

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