A woman, abandoned on the street by her family, finds refuge and safety in her faithful dog.

The most independent and skeptical individuals frequently live by the advice: you can’t rely on anybody, not even your shadow. Although this proposal seems severe, it is true for certain people who have been betrayed many times in their life, even by individuals close to them.

Although this is not ideal, life has shown us that there are friends who will not abandon us even in the most terrible of circumstances, and dogs are one example.

A woman who has been abandoned by her family is escorted by her faithful dog.

It makes no difference if some humans decide to desert us; dogs will always be with us in some manner.

Difficult conditions cause some individuals to make unjust choices, as one Nigerian family did with a mentally ill woman who resided with them. According to Twitter user @Nigeriangod_, these folks had grown weary of her and saw no other alternative than to abandon her on the streets.

The woman normally sits on the sidewalk alone, without family or friends to pick her up, but she always has the companionship of her tiny dog, the only one who has not abandoned her.

“There is a mentally ill woman opposite where I am living; every night, a dog comes to play with her, and the way the two always engage is beautiful to behold.” “She had the dog before she had her mental troubles, and she comes to see her every night,” the guy wrote on Twitter.

In the dark, the woman’s faithful canine friend becomes the light that provides her security.

“She was abandoned by her family and friends, but her dog never was,” the young guy said in the tweet. Unlike the humans who abandoned her when they felt they could no longer care for her, her dog will pay her a visit as soon as he is able, without judgment or prejudice, so she is not alone. He’s stayed at her side through thick and thin.

“The dog doesn’t care about her odours or the fact that she hasn’t had a wash in months or years; he simply loves her unconditionally,” the guy said on the social network.

The message rapidly went viral, with many people sharing their thoughts on social media and many more planning to contact out and provide assistance.

“The more people I meet, the more I appreciate dogs,” said one user.

“There is no question that dogs are the most faithful animals that God could give us,” another observed.

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