A woman rescues a malnourished dog abandoned and left for dead on city roads.

A kind hearted woman from Argentina rescued a starving dog left to die on the streets. It was nearly Christmas in 2017. On December 23, an Argentine woman named Pia found this pup in desperate straits . While visiting friends in Buenos Aires , Argentina, Pia saw the starving dog running around their neighborhood. The dog was clearly terrified and in distress. Pia’s friends were unable to catch the frail pup, but Pia refused to offer abreast of the animal in need. When she eventually found him lying next to a house, she said “he had no shine in his eyes” and “he had given up.” She immediately took the poor pup to a vet.

Here is a picture of the hero of our story, Hercules. This picture was taken before his journey of rehabilitation began.

As soon as Hercules arrived at the vet, after he examined the dog, he told Pia that the chances of the pup surviving are very low. He was very malnourished and in a horrific shape. The first hours were very critical for the poor pooch. Pia handfed him water from a bowl every three hours so he stays hydrated. Suddenly a miracle happened! On December 26th (three days later) , the pup was discharged and Pia brought him to care.

“You could see in his eyes that he wanted to measure ,” Pia remembered. Despite that, on a couple of occasions, she worried that he may die because his condition was so poor. But he continued to fight which is why she named him Hercules. She filmed much of their journey. She recalled lifting his body to assist him re-learn to steer . She remembered crying and fighting alongside him. “We did it together,” she said. And in January, after much patience, Hercules began to steer again. Pia admitted she cried sort of a baby when her darling friend took those first few steps. They were what led to the remainder of his recovery. Before Pia knew it, those initial baby steps led to jogging, running, jumping and playing. Eventually, she was ready to take him on walks through the town .

By February Hercules was unrecognizable, his brown fur had grown back and he looked happier than ever! Hercules is a very joyful dog and thankfully now he is healthy and has enough energy to be play around and enjoy his life. Pia’s bond with her furry best friend is unbreakable. He loves her unconditionally because she is his guardian angel and she protects him with the best way possible so he never feels neglected again.

“As he began to vary , his eyes began to shine,” Pia said. See the incredible recovery for yourself. Hercules is not any longer a starving dog left on his own. he’s thriving. Pia calls this phenomenal dog her miracle and a Christmas present she’ll always remember .

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