Abandoned from the Start: Heart-wrenching Story of a Dog Cast Out from Home Right After Delivering Puppies.

No one knows how Melody ended up in the orphanage, but her eyes full of sadness speak volumes.

As a young mother, the dog found herself without a roof over her head, and only the kindness of people helped her survive!

She starved herself, but took care of the kids

Not so long ago, Melody gave birth to 10 puppies, and immediately after that, someone brought her to the shelter. The babies were brought there so that mom could take care of them.

It is not known where the dog came from and who were its owners, but the conditions in which she lived before she arrived at the shelter brought tears to everyone who saw the pet. Emaciated, with incredibly sad eyes, the dog struggled to keep from falling.

What is most surprising: Melody turned out to be a caring mommy ! She fed her babies, although she herself could hardly stand on her feet from weakness.

Seeing the state of the unfortunate dog, the woman who worked at the shelter asked a friend named Patty Dawson to help save the young mother. When a friend received the photos of the dog, her heart was filled with pity.

“Melody and her puppies just couldn’t get out of my head!” Patty admitted and, without hesitation, agreed to come to the rescue.

A chance for salvation

Unfortunately, she could not take 11 dogs to her house, and therefore posted information about the abandoned pet on social networks. To some extent, Melody was at a disadvantage, as she was a nursing mother, but despite this, there were people who agreed to temporarily shelter the entire family.

Care and indifference did their job: the dog gradually began to gain weight. The pet understood that both she and her puppies were saved, so she felt happy.

The adorable babies were also safe and could feed on their mother’s milk without compromising her health.

Over time, a permanent home will be found for the four-legged mother, and her children will be distributed to everyone who wants to give love to pets.

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