Abandoned in a field like discarded waste, a dog with broken bones pleads for help in agony, creating a heart-wrenching scene that calls for immediate compassion and care.

In a field, Viktor Larkhill and his group of rescuers came across a hurt dog. The dog had several fractures and couldn’t move an inch! She was fortunately saved in time.

He suffered a broken femur and a shattered tibia, which were discovered by x-rays taken at their clinic right away.

The dog, Gino, had three operations to fix her fractured hips and bones. She was doing considerably better after physical therapy and rehabilitation. Additionally, she was adopted by a great family with a sizable backyard where she is free to run around!

What a change he’s brought about! For a while, she was unable to stand, but today she can run! What courage! Watch the video down below.

His story spread through YouTube , and later it also spread to other social networks.

Many have been troubled by the animal’s yelps of pain, for the atrocious suffering experienced, however the happy ending that this story has obtained shows that sometimes it is enough to be in the right place and at the right time to be able to totally change someone’s life … Just like it happened to Gino.

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