Amidst the alleys, a poignant moment occurred as two stray mother dogs were saved while caring for their nursing puppies, highlighting the innate strength of maternal instincts.

Rescuers said that they haven’t seen such heartwarming thing before.

In L.A., California, two female dogs and their litters were found in an alleyway from a kind hearted person who walked by. The good samaritan brought the pups to Northwest Dog Project (NDP) so she/he makes sure that they are going to be safe.

The shelter assumed that the two mommas had been abandoned because they were both starved and malnourished but it isn’t sure if they were dumped together or not. The two were named Louise and Thelma.

The 2 mama dogs, had 9 pups — 7 females and a couple of males.

At the very end all pupps are doing very well and are up to adoption since 2019. We don’t know if all of them got already adopted but if not, then we wish them the best of luck and hope that soon they will find a new welcoming home!

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