An abandoned dog pleaded desperately with a police officer to be adopted, using cute gestures that the officer simply couldn’t resist.

A little puppy remained calmly on a deserted street. Its eyes were filled with grief and despair, making it impossible to see it without feeling terrible for it. The dog has been abandoned, has no place to live, and no one is aware of its existence.

In desperation, the dog approached a nearby police base and begged for assistance. He wasn’t sure if anyone would accept him, but the dog didn’t have an option. Dog walked and knocked on the door of the police base with toddler steps.

A policeman, fortunately, was nearby and heard the knock. He opened the door and looked down to see a miserable little dog staring up at him, pleading for assistance. His heart was filled with pity, and he couldn’t say no to such a thoughtful gift.

“Uncle, why are you here alone?” the policeman asked softly. The little dog waggled its tail and gazed at him hopeful. He decided to take up the dog and bring it inside the base since he couldn’t stand it any longer.

The puppy becomes a new member of the police base’s family. It has shown to be a faithful and affectionate companion from the beginning. It rapidly piqued the curiosity and affection of other police officers.

Since being adopted by a police officer, the dog’s life has dramatically changed. He was given the name Lucky to represent good fortune and fresh prospects in life. Lucky has evolved into the source.

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