Antonela Roccuzzo posted an emotional tribute on Instagram

Ciro Messi celebrates six years old on Sunday, so his mother, Antonela Roccuzzo, shared a tender and heartfelt greeting on social media, which made all of his followers emotional.

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“Happy birthday, Ciro. Forever, my sweet-eyed baby. “We love you infinitely,” Rosario wrote on her Instagram account, beside two photographs of Ciro. One with the Inter Miami kit, and the other from when Lionel Messi and Anto’s youngest child was younger.

Antonela Roccuzzo's greeting for Ciro Messi.  (Photo: Capture IG @antonelaroccuzzo).

Antonela Roccuzzo’s greeting to Ciro Messi. (Photo: Captured by @antonelaroccuzzo).

Ciro’s birthday coincides with Inter’s match versus CF Montreal on MLS matchday 3, in which Leo was not called up. Similarly, the entire family has gathered at Chase Stadium to witness the game.

Lionel Messi with his family watching Inter Miami against CF Montreal.  (Photo: AP).

Lionel Messi and his family watch Inter Miami’s match against CF Montreal. (Photo: Associated Press).

Why does Lionel Messi not play in the Inter Miami match versus CF Montreal in the MLS?

Messi received a really heavy kick in Inter’s most recent encounter against Nashville. Defender Lukas MacNaughton declined, leaving the iron on Rosario’s tibia, which displayed signals of agony but was able to continue playing after obtaining medical attention.

An photograph of the world champion with ice on his left leg has gone viral in recent hours, implying that the blow forced him to miss the Herons’ game.

The photo of Lionel Messi with ice on his leg that alerted all the fans.  (Photo: @sudanalytics_)

The photo of Lionel Messi with ice on his leg alerted all of the supporters. (Photo by @sudanalytics_)

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