BILLIONAIRE LIFESTYLE: Admire Vinicius Jr.’s million-dollar watch collection that will make you admire⌚⌚

Vinicius Jr. is designing a luxurious, new Apple Watch casing with a gold pattern. In partnership with the Brazilian soccer player, Apple manufactured a limited edition of Rose Gold, Gold, Stainless Steel, and Gloss Black Apple Watch casings.

Surgical steel, a prevalent alloy in the chemical and aerospace industries where great corrosion resistance is required, is used to build the housing. It was constructed with the aid of around fifty specially designed components. With just a button push, users may quickly connect and remove their Apple Watch from its casing according to the “Hatch Bezel” patent.

The backs of the Royal Edition Rose Gold, Stainless Steel, and Jet Black casings are all engraved with unique numbers. The Golden Concept x Vini Jr. Royal Edition Gold watch has an 18K gold-plated case with Vini Jr. inscribed on the reverse and a unique number.

Vinícius Júnior – “Fancy Edition” GaGa Milano Manuale

The 20-year-old Brazilian football player Vincius Jnior is shown holding an 18ct white gold 48mm GaGa Milano Manuale “Fancy Edition.” He is a winger for both the Brazilian national team and Real Madrid. It features a multicolored sapphire case back and a black diamond pavé dial with multicolored diamond digits.

Junior left Flamengo in Brazil to sign with Real Madrid in 2017 at the age of 18, paying a record $55 million, the highest amount ever for an Under-18 player in his nation.

“Vampire” Vinícius Júnior of GaGa Milano

Vinicius Junior, a player for Real Madrid and the Brazilian national team, is shown wearing a 48mm GaGa Milano “Vampire” watch with a skeleton dial and crimson convex mineral glass. A ring made of carbon fiber encircles the black PVD case of the manually wound watch.

Vinicius believes in the future with GaGa Milano

Neymar Jr. is the role model for Vinicius Jr.’s actions both on and off the field. The Real Madrid prospect has been one of the team’s few shining spots this season, and large firms like GaGà Milano are beginning to take notice of him thanks to his notoriety.

Neymar Jr., a football player from Brazil who supports PSG, is not the first person to be connected to the company as he also serves as a brand ambassador. It all began when Neymar Jr. used his vacation money to purchase fifteen timepieces from the GaGà Milano boutique in Tokyo.

The media helped spread the word about the GaGà Milano campaign in addition to Vinicius Jr. The Real Madrid forward admitted speaking with MARCA in a front-page interview.

Vini Jr. on X: "" / X

Vinicius said, “I’m hoping for a better season next year and for us to resume our winning ways,” regarding the club’s most recent poor campaign. That’s what might happen after winning three straight Champions Leagues.

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