Charming Moment: Playful Baby Elephant Uses Friend as a Seat in Tanzania!

In a heartwarming display, a mischievous baby elephant decided to take a break and turned his weary companion into an impromptu chair.

Captured in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, the young elephant playfully nudged his friend with his trunk before settling down on top of him.

Image 597
Don’t mind me! Pictures captured a cheeky baby elephant taking a breather and using his worn-out friend as a chair

Despite the extra weight, the relaxed elephant being used as a seat didn’t seem bothered and continued to rest peacefully.

Holidaymaker Julie Lindenmayer, who snapped the endearing moment, shared her thoughts: “Initially, it seemed like the elephant was concerned about his friend. We were all a bit worried about the one lying down.

Image 598
The young animal poked his companion with his trunk before sitting on him in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

We thought maybe it was unwell or injured. However, it grazed on some grass once it got up and appeared perfectly fine.”

Lindenmayer has encountered numerous wild animals as a seasoned zookeeper, but the sight of an elephant casually perched on its companion left her utterly amazed.

Hailing from Miami, Florida, Lindenmayer added: “An encounter like this is etched in my memory forever.

Image 599
The pictures were captured by 34-year-old holidaymaker Julie Lindenmayer, a zookeeper from Miami in Florida.

Seeing these animals in their natural habitat reminds us of our incredible fortune. Witnessing such remarkable behavior is a truly exceptional experience.”

Image 600
Despite the weight on his side, the sleeping elephant did not seem to mind and carried on lying down
Image 601
Working as a zookeeper, Lindenmayer sees a lot of wild animals, but the sight of an elephant sitting on its friend amazed he

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