Compassionate Officers Save Two Frightened Pit Bulls from the Streets and Stay by Their Side Until Assistance Arrives.

Driving home in the cold at 4.30 in the morning, we suppose that Patrick Hennesy wanted nothing more than to get home and warm-up in bed as soon as possible.
Yet when he spotted two frightened puppies in need of rescue, he didn’t hesitate to stop to help.

Two bulldogs huddled along the side of the road, and Hennessy quickly knew they were injured and needed care.

The man quickly phoned the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, and two officers arrived on the scene shortly after.

The frightened and wounded cubs whined gently, blood spattering the floor.

When the police approached the stray dogs, both puppies licked them as if to say thank you.

It’s like they know the police are there to aid. Police quickly identified the cause of the blood that had splashed on the floor; one of the stray dogs was bleeding profusely.

Authorities concluded that the stray dog ​​must have been hit by a car and then quickly performed what he could to stop the bleeding.

One cop applied gauze and pressure to the stray dog’s wound, and another contacted Orange County Animal Services, which asked the officer to stay with the puppies until they could come over to take over.

Officers hugged the shivering puppies to keep them warm and did everything they could to console them as they waited to be rescued.

While they were cold and fatigued, it was unthinkable for them to abandon two puppies in need.

Eventually, animal services came on the scene and brought her into care.

Owing to the patience and goodwill of the police, the two puppies were less terrified, and both pitbulls were happy, loving and thankful when they were taken to the shelter.

The two puppies, named Liberty and Justice, have brought so much joy and happiness to the shelter staff, and they hope the charming couple will soon find their perfect forever family.

The officers who have been protecting them were allowed to visit them after they settled in the shelter, and we’re happy to note that both Liberty and Justice now seem to be the happiest puppies in the world.

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