Crippled Mother Dog Limps to Find Food for Her Puppies, Displaying Heartwarming Maternal Love and Determination

Every time I see a stray dog on the streets, I feel an urge to bring them home with me. They have no shelter, no one who cares for them, and go hungry most of the time.

They are not all born homeless though. Here is a dog named Si Bao, which means “four treasures” in Chinese and given by her previous owner. But when the owner moved to another city, she was left behind.

Not long after Si Bao was abandoned, a heartbreaking accident happened to her. She was run over by a fast-moving train and lost both of her hind legs.

Now, she can only use her two front legs to “hop” around. Although life has not at all been kind to her, yet she still stands strong. She even gave birth to four puppies and takes care of them on her own.

There are always some kind-hearted residents in the neighbourhood who feel pity for Si Bao. Although she is a stray dog, she is never afraid to be in contact with people. A kind-hearted cleaner has decided to adopt Si Bao and her children. Although the cleaner’s living conditions may not be excellent, he still has the ability to provide for them.

Seeing this “strong” stray dog limping with her two remaining legs on the streets is so heartbreaking. She may be just a dog, but as a mother who does all she can to provide for her children, her behavior is undoubtedly worthy of praise!

I hope Si Bao lives happily with her puppies and their new family. And let’s share this heart touching story around!

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