Deaf Pitbull Blu Finds a Loving Home: A Heartwarming Journey

Deafness affects between 5% and 10% of dogs in the United States. Some dogs develop deafness as they mature, while others are born deaf. Hereditary deafness is often caused by a mutation in the cochleosaccular gene and is common in dogs with white fur and blue eyes.

Blu is a deaf pitbull with a white coat and piercing blue eyes. She remained in an animal shelter day after day, with no visits.

Fortunately, partners Mark and Sean were looking to adopt a deaf dog in the San Francisco area. They discovered two at Family Dog Rescue, and one of them was Blu.

When Mark and Sean first met her at the shelter, they found her lively and full of life. “She instantly took a great liking to Sean, and the rest is practically history,” Mark told GeoBeats Animals.

Blu’s original owners contacted them, revealing that she had lived with them for six years. Unfortunately, they had to move to a rental property that didn’t allow pit bulls, and Blu ended up in a shelter.

Blu was one of the longest residents in the shelter, and being alone for so long was one reason it took her time to feel comfortable with her new parents.

Blu wasn’t sure if she would be sent back to the shelter or what the plan was for her. “In fact, the first car ride we took her on, which was a couple of days after we picked her up, she was terrified,” Mark explained. “She was just shaking in the back.”

Blu’s personality blossomed as she became comfortable with Mark and Sean, and she continues to enjoy car rides three years later, receiving much attention and love.

Mark and Sean made sure Blu knew she was loved and wanted. They developed such a close bond with Blu that they have their own style of communication.

Blu can tell where they are going by the way her father moves, and she even smells their feet while walking to know where they are headed. “I guess she’s my spirit animal,” Sean said. “I can tell when she’s nervous, happy, or sad. We just read each other very well.”

Blu understands that Mark and Sean’s finger movements indicate how she’s doing. Sean’s stern expression indicates she needs to relax. They also worked with a trainer to teach Blu relaxation methods, such as stretching, to help her when she’s stressed.

Blu’s deafness has no impact on her daily life or how she interacts with her new owners. Mark stated that it only affects Blu’s ability to form bonds with other dogs. “There are many little linguistic cues that dogs give each other that she and previous deaf dogs I’ve had haven’t been able to pick up,” Mark explained.

“Deaf dogs hear with their hearts,” Sean commented. “I don’t think I would ever not have a deaf dog, as they are unique and amazing.”

They also mentioned that holiday fireworks, which most dogs dislike, do not bother Blu.

It’s wonderful to witness how much Mark and Sean love Blu, and you can see that the affection is mutual. Blu appears to be happy, healthy, and comfortable with her new family. We are thrilled that Blu has found a home with her new parents.

Watch the heartwarming story of the deaf pitbull Blu and her two dads below!

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