Desperate Dog Mama Pleads for Assistance, Puts Her Trust in Humans to Rescue Her and Her Vulnerable Puppies.

Animal Aid Unlimited received word that there is a dog momma looking for their help as she is on the side of a road with an injured puppy.

When the crew arrived at the specific place, they found the mum standing side by side with her puppy.

She was standing guard and staring helplessly as she knew she was unable to help the pup alone. When she saw the rescue team, she knew that everything would be better so she put all her faith to them

One of the rescuers picked up the puppy who cried out in pain. Mama cried out after him too and then papa showed up out of nowhere to make sure that his family is okay, perhaps, or to attend to his pup’s cries, who knows. This was a very touching scene.

Animal Aid carefully took the pup and put on their transport vehicle, so they could send him to a nearby hospital.

After a hospital checkup, it turned out the pup had two deep puncture wounds on his shoulders, and he was very brave through the whole process.

He was unable to walk on his own, even though he tried the best of him. It looked like he needed more rest and caring.

A little bit later, after the puppy healed, he was brought back to his family and the moment they reunite is the cutest thing you’ll get to witness!

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