Despite owning a $15 million private jet, Lionel Messi jets out in economy with Inter Miami after revealing his ‘quieter life’

Fans knew they were in for a treat from the moment Lionel Messi set foot on Miami’s shores. After a successful career in Europe, Messi moved to South Beach. He has made a significant contribution to Inter Miami by scoring goals and providing assists. Furthermore, he appears to enjoy his time with his new colleagues and gets along well. When you offer him a multimillion-dollar transaction, you expect him to spend lavishly. Of course, he owns a private plane for trips throughout the world. Nevertheless, he remains humble.

In his most recent Instagram story, the soccer player is seen flying in economy class with his team and taking life seriously. As allegations of seeking a ‘quieter existence’ circulated, Messi appears to love his time in the MLS. This marks a new chapter in the World Cup winner’s life.

Fans can see him wearing the Inter Miami jersey as well as the iconic Beats headphones in the photo. He recently gave these headphones to his teammates, and they seemed delighted. Bonding is required for the team to gel and develop its chemistry. As a result, having a luxury airplane with him makes it enjoyable to watch him travel with his gang of brothers. Speaking of his jet, he flies on a $15.3 million jet with distinctive features. Most soccer players travel in private jets, including Cristiano Ronaldo.


The private jet bears his family name on the stairs and his iconic jersey number, 10, on the tail. The plane was built by an Argentinean business and includes a kitchen, two bathrooms, and approximately 16 seats for comfortable travel. Similarly, they can convert chairs into beds. Although he uses this plane to go from business to his home country, he does not own it; rather, he leases it.

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