Devotion Beyond the Grave: Italian Dog Walks Alone 3 Kilometers Daily to Visit Owner’s Grave.

A man in Sassari Province, Italy, died and was buried in a cemetery a few kilometers from his home.

Despite the great distance, the dog who had been with him for many years, walked to visit the man’s grave every day, as if the dog thought that the owner only slept in his grave. What’s even more surprising is that his family never took the dog to the owner’s grave, and it’s unclear how he found out the location of the grave.

Leonardo was a dad of the dog and fell ill in December and was unable to beat his illness. He died on February 22. His family then held a funeral for him.

The day after the funeral, Leonardo’s daughter, Sara Sechi, took her child to visit her father’s grave but was surprised to see her pet dog, Fulmine, there.

Amazingly, Fulmine walked about 3.2 kilometers alone to visit his master’s grave. It was as if he knew that his master whom he had not seen in weeks was now sleeping here.

Sarah told The Dodo: “I didn’t expect to see him here. He also did not attend the funeral. I don’t know how he knows how to get here.”

In the following weeks, their neighbors saw Fulmine visit his master’s grave many times.

“Looks like Fulmine goes there every day,” Sarah said.

Sarah remembers that during the 7 years her father and Fulmine spent together, they had a very good relationship, and they often hugged like best friends.

While Leonardo was hospitalized, his family helped look after Fulmine, and they saw how much Fulmine missed his master.

“Every time a car approached, he would run to the door to see if it was my dad,” Sarah said. “I believe that it was his love for my father that led him to the grave or my father led him there. This is one of those strange events that have no real explanation.”

Right now, even though the owner has died, Fulmine still couldn’t forget him, and even visited the owner’s grave frequently. How he found his owner’s grave remains a mystery to this day.

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