Distinctive Canine Charm: Meet the Puppy with an Uncommon Forehead Tail!

As animal lovers, we tend to be attracted to creatures with fur, such as rabbits, hamsters, cats, and dogs. However, there are certain animals that captivate us more than others.

Introducing Narwhal, a happy and healthy puppy who was rescued. He is a unique little pup as he has an extra tail on his face, making him look like a unicorn. Just imagine how funny it would be to watch him try to catch that tail!

The adorable ball of fur was discovered wandering in the cold with an older dog by Mac’s Mission, an animal rescue organization located in Jackson, Missouri. Upon closer inspection, it was discovered that this was not just any ordinary puppy – it had a second tail growing out of its forehead!

Mac’s Mission animal rescue became inundated with questions about whether Narwhal’s forehead tail wags after posting photos of him on their Facebook page. While it would be adorable, his caretakers have confirmed that his tail is, in fact, stationary and they have never witnessed it wagging.

In addition, after taking the puppy to the veterinarian, they discovered that his additional tail is not attached to any vital organs and serves no real purpose. Dr. Heuring humorously remarked that the puppy was incorrectly assembled and advised others to follow instructions carefully. The puppy had a check-up and x-rays, confirming that he is in excellent health, despite the extra tail on his face. Although it currently has no medical significance and is only one-third the size of his actual tail, there is no requirement to remove it.

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