Dog Discovered in Cemetery Reacts with Precious Joy Upon Learning of Adoption

One night, employees at a public cemetery in Missouri (USA) were puzzled by a small shadow moving between the tombstones, as if it were a figure.

When they got closer to investigate, they soon became calmer: the shadow was anything but a ghost! In fact, it was just a lost dog, looking for a shelter to sleep in that serenity.

The next morning, employees there captured the animal and asked the NGO Stray Rescue of St. Louis for support, as it did not appear to be in good health.


In fact, the dog had a delicate skin disease, had lost much of its hair and whimpered in pain whenever it was touched by someone.

According to Donna Lochmann, a volunteer at the shelter, many stray puppies go to the cemetery in search of a place to sleep.

“They just go under the fence and try to stay there, knowing it’s a quiet place,” Donna said. “It’s a huge cemetery, so they have a lot of space to get away from people.”

But every stray dog ​​deserves adequate shelter. That’s why Donna and her team rescued the furry friend and sent him to a veterinarian urgently.

There he was named “Kamper”, in honor of one of the tombstones in the cemetery where he was found.

Kamper received appropriate treatment to heal his skin and foot wounds, caused by scabies. With the disease contained, his fur grew back and he stopped feeling pain.


When the little dog finally started to feel better, his caretakers decided to bring him back to the cemetery to see the cemetery workers again.

“It was very emotional for everyone, especially Kamper and the volunteer who called us,” Donna said.

As soon as Kamper saw the cemetery workers again, his face lit up! He ran towards each of them and planted giant kisses of gratitude on all of their faces.

And the cemetery staff was excited to see him too:

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