Dog encounters her doppelganger during a walk and pleads with her mom to adopt him.

 Bethany Coleman and her boyfriend already had two older cats and a young rescue dog named Rogue in their house. They wanted a new dog, but they were hesitant to buy one.

They planned to rent an apartment, assuming that no one would rent to two humans, two cats, and two dogs. One day, Coleman and Rogue were strolling around the local farmer’s market when they discovered something.

Her attention was drawn not to the fresh food, but to a dog who resembled Rogue. Coleman and his wife named their 8-month-old dog Beast because they thought it was fate that brought them together.

Coleman told The Dodo, “Rogue and I felt love at first sight with him.” “He looked just like Rogue, the same size (at the time), the same coat… They’re both cairn [terrier] hybrids. We’re frequently asked if they’re brothers and sisters.”

Despite being the only dog in the family, Rogue regarded Beast as if he were his twin who had been separated at birth.

“At first, we’d purchase Beast and Rogue the same identical toys, but she’d only want whatever Beast had and would constantly grab it from him,” Coleman told to The Dodo.

“Beast is my cuddlebug who competes with the kitties for lap space,” Coleman explained.

They are now all living in Hawaii, and they have developed a relationship that nothing can ever sever.

“Our cross-country excursion confirmed that this tiny family will always be together,” Coleman stated.

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