Dog siblings serendipitously encounter each other on the street for the first time since they were puppies and can’t contain their excitement.

Monty and Rosie are two cockapoos who were both born to the same litter.

Monty, Rosie, and their four other siblings were born last June, and out of all the siblings, Monty and Rosie were particularly fond of each other.

Once all the puppies were old enough, they all went on to find their own families and build their own separate lives.

They didn’t expect to see each other again, but fate had other plans.


Recently, Monty was out enjoying a nice walk around the neighbourhood, not knowing that his long-lost sister, Rosie, was doing the exact same thing.

And, even better, that she was doing it in the very same neighbourhood!

Susan Killip

But then, all of a sudden, the two pups spotted each other in the street.

They hadn’t seen each other since puppyhood, but despite this, they seemed to recognize one another immediately.

Susan Killip

The two cockapoos reunited in a big hug and happily sniffed, nuzzled and nudged each other.

Though ten months had passed since they last saw each other, their love for each other clearly hadn’t waned one bit.

Susan Killip

Rosie’s and Monty’s families were very touched by their love for each other and were extra touched by their beautiful impulse to hug each other.

The fact that they had met again through random chance made the meeting even more amazing.

It was such an unexpected and beautifully pure moment of love and happiness.

Susan Killip

Now, Rosie’s and Monty’s families are going to make sure that the two pups get to meet and play again.

Clearly, these two adorable pups are meant to be in each other’s lives.

On Twitter, Rosie’s and Monty’s serendipitous reunion has touched many hearts, and people are so happy for the siblings.

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