Dog Surviving Triple Murder in His Home, Crawling Out Window onto Roof, Faces Euthanasia at Shelter.

An eight-year-old dog who survived virtually insurmountable odds is due to be euthanized by Chicago Animal Care & Control. Topper arrived at the shelter as a stray after being spotted on a building’s roof following an exceedingly terrible chain of circumstances. Three of Topper’s family members were murdered, while a fourth committed suicide.

Topper’s rescue attracted national attention since he had to be hoisted to safety from the roof of a decaying house using a crane; a previously faithful dog traumatized by the brutal murders of the only humans he ever knew. Only Topper survived, and he was discovered perched on the house’s roof, guarding its tortured ghosts and decaying walls.

In the blink of an eye, he had lost his entire universe. He is gentle, loving, and charming. CACC is at capacity, and more adopters and fosters are needed to save more lives.

TOPPER has been in the shelter for six months and has learned the definition of love from the caregivers. He enjoys cuddling, but he has grown protective of his house and refuses to leave. According to shelter officials, he has been there too long and has grown too loyal to his carer – a volunteer – and will need to be the only dog in the family if adopted.

TOPPER is a nice, calm, smart, and inquisitive dog who enjoys agility and food puzzles. He has an exciting and joyful trot, skip, and bounce! His heart, on the other hand, is overflowing with this amazing truth known as Love; all he needs now is a HOME where it can properly develop.

Please notify approved rescue organizations, friends, relatives, and social media contacts about this dog’s suffering. Sharing can literally save lives.

Adopters who are interested in adopting can contact Chicago Animal Care & Control by clicking here. Remember to cite: A238811 Topper | Neutered | 8 years | E150

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