Elephant Protection Organization Ensures Rescued Herd Spends Cozy Winter in Comfort and Safety

As winter approaches, the Elephant Protection Organization (EPO) has taken heartwarming measures to keep their rescued elephants warm and comfortable.

At the Wildlife SOS Elephant Conservation and Care Centre, a group of senior elephants, including Suzy, Phoolkali, and Asha, are now sporting specially designed cold-proof coats to shield them from the chilly weather.

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Unexpected rainfall has added to the need for these cozy jumbo jackets. Even though the temperatures are generally pleasant during their morning and evening walks, these senior elephants prefer the snug embrace of their jackets.

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This warm attire not only provides comfort but also prevents their skin from cracking in the cold.

Lily, a lovely elephant recently rescued by the EPO, is basking in the winter sun while enjoying relaxing oil massages.

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This indulgence is more than just pampering; it helps prevent skin issues caused by the cold. Even older elephants like Bhola benefit from these massages, finding relief from their aching joints.

To ensure their contentment during the chilly mornings and evenings, tarpaulin curtains have been installed around all enclosures.

These curtains protect the elephants from the cold winds, and the gentle giants thrive.

Caretakers also occasionally light fires, under strict supervision, to enhance their comfort. The primary goal is to ensure these gentle giants feel cozy and relaxed throughout winter.

Young elephants like Arya also get their share of pampering with customized enclosure covers, halogen lamps, and warm oil massages.

Their winter diet includes special treats like sugarcane and a concentrated diet enriched with ginger, garlic, black pepper, and turmeric to boost their immune systems and core strength.

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The Haryana Forest Department continues its winter care routine at the Wildlife SOS Elephant Rehabilitation Center, providing snug blankets to keep the elephants cozy and content.

Ella, one of the beloved elder elephants, receives special attention with fresh greens, warm sesame oil massages, and a diet enriched with turmeric, black pepper, ginger, garlic, and salt. This unique blend is vital for Ella, who has reached an impressive age of 78.

In a heartwarming development, Zara has arrived at the Wildlife SOS Field of Dreams for her first winter season.

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The dedicated field workers, elephant caregivers, and vets continue their tireless efforts to care for these majestic creatures during the pandemic.

As the Elephant Protection Organization works diligently to protect India’s elephants, your support is invaluable in making a difference in the lives of these gentle giants. Together, we can ensure these magnificent animals a cozy and comfortable winter.

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