Elephant Rescue: How Teamwork Saves Wildlife in Need

Conservation is at the heart of our field teams’ mission as they work tirelessly to safeguard wildlife. Their roles may vary, but their collective dedication is unyielding, ensuring the well-being of our natural world.

One fateful December day, the SWT/KWS Chyulu Mobile Anti-Poaching Unit was on their routine patrol at Galana Ranch when they discovered a bull elephant in distress within the Lali Hills.

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The elephant had a swollen hind left leg, signaling a need for immediate care. This incident exemplifies the collaborative spirit of our teams in protecting and nurturing wildlife.

Our highly skilled rangers swiftly and efficiently responded to the situation. They promptly alerted our Kaluku Field Headquarters, who urgently organized medical treatment.

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Dr. Poghon, leading our SWT/KWS Tsavo Mobile Vet Unit, was transported to Voi via a trusty helicopter.

During this critical time, our rangers and KWS personnel worked hand in hand, watching the elephant’s condition.

With all the necessary personnel in place, the helicopter expertly darted the bull from above. Ground teams then guided the sedated animal towards them.

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However, an unforeseen circumstance unfolded, causing the elephant to fall on the wrong side, complicating access to its injured ankle.

Undeterred, our team was prepared for such contingencies, using custom elephant straps and our LandCruiser to reposition the animal gently.

At last, the elephant received the crucial treatment it needed. According to Dr. Poghon, this particular elephant was a former patient treated for a snare injury about a year ago. While the wound had healed properly, the lingering swelling and pus-filled ankle required attention.

After a thorough draining and cleaning of the affected area, the patient was revived by the doctor. Remarkably, just as a massive storm descended, the bull stood up, offering hope on multiple fronts.

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