Emotional Reunion: After 10 Long Months Apart, a Wolf Dog Finally Reunites with His Beloved Father

Indus is an impressive mixed breed dog – Husky/Malamute/Timber Wolf from Northwood, New Hampshire, USA.

In 2018, two-year-old Indus lived with his mother, Morgan, while his father was away for basic military training.

Military deployment is tough for all family members, especially for pets who don’t understand why their loved ones have left or if they’ll return.

When barks turn into kisses soldier and dog reunited Source: @indus_the_wolfdog Devin Ekstrom from Northwood, New Hampshire, departed for basic training with the US Army on October 15, 2017.

His entire family, including his beloved dog, didn’t see him for a whole 10 months. So, when Devin managed to return home for the Christmas holidays, everyone was delighted, but especially Indus.

He had no idea that his dad would come home that day, making the surprise even greater for him.

While for humans, 10 months might not seem that long, for Indus, it felt like an eternity.

Fortunately, Devin’s partner, Morgan, made sure to film the reunion between Devin and Indus. The result will definitely bring a tear to your eye.

In the video, Indus can be seen barking initially at someone he perceives as an intruder and a stranger.

Devin was wearing military uniform and large boots, which must have confused little Indus.

However, as soon as Indus got closer to his father and sensed his scent, everything changed.

soldier and dog hugging in front of the house Source: @indus_the_wolfdog In the footsteps of love “Who’s that?” Morgan asked Indus.

Devin dropped to his knees, and now they were both at eye level. At that moment, Indus ran to his father and started showering him with kisses.

It was such a beautiful moment. There were lots of kisses, hugs, tail wags, and overexcited buzzing.

dog and soldier hugging Source: @indus_the_wolfdog Indus was so thrilled to finally have his father home that he couldn’t contain his happiness. He started running back and forth to hug his dad.

“Indus’ father was so happy and amazed by the love he received once he realized it was him,” said Morgan to Spotlight Stories. “He was in tears along with the rest of the family.”

Watch this touching reunion that turned into overwhelming joy:

The video quickly became a viral sensation, with over 17,000 views on Indus’ official Instagram profile.

One person commented: “This made me smile and warmed my heart ❤️ What a beautiful moment! Thank you for sharing and for your service to our country!”

Undoubtedly, this was one of the happiest holidays for the Ekstrom family.

You can keep up with Indus and all his beautiful adventures on his Instagram, @indus_the_wolfdog.”

Mire este conmovedor reencuentro que se convirtió en una alegría tan abrumadora:

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