Emotional Reunion: Little Dog Breaks Down in Tears When He Finally Meets the Cow Who Raised Him, Creating a Heartwarming Connection.

When Rookie was just a tiny little puppy, he lost his birth mom.

Luckily, he never had to be alone, as he grew up on a farm and was able to seek love and comfort from the other animals living there.

He was particularly drawn to the two cows and was especially drawn to one of them in particular.


The little orphan felt and deep connection to one of the cows and began treating her as his mother.

And the cow was more than happy to provide Rookie with the motherly love he so deeply craved.


The two became nearly inseparable, and Rookie would snuggle up to his bovine mommy and take long, comfy naps on her back.

They’d play, cuddle, and lovingly lick each other, and apart from their physical appearances, they were just like any other mother and son duo.


After living and loving each other or two years, Rookie and the cow’s bond had grown so deep and profound that neither of them could imagine life without the other.

But unfortunately, there was trouble on the horizon.


Rookie’s owners could no longer afford to keep both cows and were forced to make the difficult decision to sell one of them.

When they brought his mommy out of the barn, Rookie immediately understood that she wasn’t coming back. The little pup began barking his little heart out but to no avail.


The cow was moved to a farm nearby. Though any distance was too far for Rookie.

As soon as the cow had been taken away, he ran out to look for her.

Following the sound of her voice, he found her in a barn close to his home.


Rookie and his mom were overjoyed to see each other, but their happiness was short-lived.

Rookie’s owner caught up with him and carried the upset and struggling pup back home.


Rookie’s owners hoped that the remaining cow would be enough to keep Rookie happy, but the pup desperately wanted his mommy.

Without her, he grew depressed, barely ate, and spent much of his time crying, whining and howling.


Eventually, his family realized that they simply could not keep Rookie and his mom apart anymore.

It was clear that the little pup would never get over the loss. He just loved her so much.


And so, they decided to bring the cow back home.

When Rookie saw his mommy, he could hardly believe it.

He began crying with joy and rushed over to greet her.


The cow was also overjoyed to be reunited with her little baby, and it was clear that even though they are different species, their bond is real and strong.

It is a good reminder that love really doesn’t care about superficial differences.

Watch a video of Rookie’s and his mother’s touching reunion here.

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