Enchanting Stare of a Distinctive Rescued Cat Will Steal Your Heart Away

Cats possess remarkable eyes, especially when they have two different colors. Although this is common in light-colored felines, breeds such as the Sphynx, Turkish Vans, and Turkish Angoras can also display odd-colored eyes. Thor, a beautiful rescue cat, is living his best life with his loving family who saved him. He boasts a stunning black and white tuxedo coat, a perfectly fluffy tail, and a pair of captivating mismatched eyes. After connecting with his owner in the Tuxedo Cat Lovers group on Facebook, we are thrilled to introduce you to Thor!


What’s the story behind Thor joining your family?
Well, we actually rescued Thor from Petsmart and decided to adopt him as a part of our family.
And how did he end up being named Thor?
We already had a cat named Loki and when Thor came into our lives, we thought it would be fitting to name him after Loki’s brother. Plus, Thor has a unique feature of having two different colored eyes!


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