Felicita gave birth to 17 puppies and became the most prolific American Bullshit in the country

Felicita, a dog from the Yekaterinburg kennel in Russia, has made headlines as the most prolific American Bully in the country. On December 10th, Felicita surprised her owners and veterinarians alike by giving birth to a whopping 17 puppies in one litter. This is a rare feat for any breed and certainly a first for American Bullies.

Felicita does a great job as a mother

The news of Felicita’s record-breaking birth has left many in awe of her amazing feat. Alexandra Stepanova, Felicita’s breeder, explained that they had gone for an ultrasound twice, but were unable to count the exact number of puppies. The shock was palpable when the 17 little ones arrived, each weighing about 400 grams.

This was the figure of Felicita during pregnancy

The caesarean section took 40 minutes and the entire clinic was involved in the process, including all the doctors and assistants. Visitors to the clinic waited anxiously, holding their fingers, while the surgery was carried out. Thankfully, everything went smoothly, with Felicita delivering all her puppies in standard sizes.

Felicita’s owners are thrilled with their new litter of puppies and are working hard to ensure they are all well-fed and cared for. The mother dog is doing an incredible job, despite the enormous responsibility of feeding and caring for so many puppies. In a few weeks, the puppies will be introduced to complementary foods, which will ease Felicita’s burden.

Despite the enormity of the task at hand, Felicita is a healthy and strong mother, able to handle the challenge with ease. Her owners have submitted an application to the Russian Book of Records, and she is set to become the most prolific American Bully in the country.

A few days before the birth, the stomach grew to a gigantic size, it was difficult for the dog to walk with such

As Olesya Busse, head of the surgical department of the Khachiko veterinary clinic, explained, the number of puppies in a litter does not depend on the breed or the age of the parents, but on the physiology of the mother. Felicita’s accomplishment is truly remarkable, and she is an inspiration to dog lovers everywhere.


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