For over two long years, this courageous dog has borne unimaginable pain and suffering. His incredible resilience and unwavering determination leave us all in awe.

“Immerse yourself in the moving story of a dog who managed to overcome torment and pain that seemed endless for two years. His remarkable resilience and determination are a lesson in power and ability to overcome adversity. Find out how this brave animal recovered and emerged victorious in its fight for life.”

She was the victim of violence and overweight, they ate her with a wooden stick and let her eat while she was alive, unable to lift a finger. One day, the organization Allow Adoption International received a call for help, a woman saw the neighbor’s dog and was extremely scared, begging for help.

Painful! Seeing her suffer like this, seeing the images of Ava is hard to remember, how could they have dropped her in such a situation?

He suffered the consequences of the blows he received at the hands of a heartless man for two years.

There are so many months with roots, with a swollen face, with an infection that destroys bones, muscles, etc. How painful Ava is, every day is a challenge for her.

When they arrived at her house to save her, her owners handed her over without objection, of course, they did not want to continue having a dog that infested their house with the stench of wood.

they could not say a word, they only took her in their arms and transferred her to a medical center, where she received intensive care.

He had been ill with a chronic infectious process for a long time, it was hard to understand how he could have had problems.

Many people were fighting for their lives, he received food transfusions, he had a CT scan done to assess the destruction on his face and skin. As for his owners, they have filed a complaint against him.

Ava was in the best hands, they were doing everything possible to save her life. She was very brave, she wanted to live and smile. Although she never knew what it was to receive affection, she allowed herself to be loved.

they did a lot of studies and fortunately the results were not good, Ava had cancer and couldn’t be operated on.

Ava’s nasal bone was completely malnourished, as were her turbinates, which were covered in a mass that invaded her entire nasal cavity.

he had advanced nasal chondrosarcoma.

the update was irreversible, could not be operated.

It was devastating for everyone to hear this news because there is always hope and trust to be able to give Ava the life she deserves.

Despite everything, they fought tirelessly to give her the best possible quality of life, but Ava could not survive.

He left an indelible mark in the hearts of his saviors and those of us who knew his story.

We all mourn the death of Ava, who will live forever in our memory as a brave and fighting dog, she is an angel who died due to the indifference of those soulless.

We have to continue supporting the struggle of those who work every day in defense of doped, mistreated animals, who are exhausted or who live with bad beings who only know how to be persecuted and overcome.


Share this touching story, bye Ava… We send all our support to your heroes, feel blessed to have given you love even for a few days. She passed away in the midst of her care, and until her last breath, they accompanied her, giving her the love she never knew.

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