From Homeless to Feline Majesty: The Touching Tale of a 33-Pound Cat and His Devoted Family

Mike Wilson and Megan Hanneman visited the Humane Society of West Michigan with the intention of adopting a kitten. However, when they saw Bronson, a 3-year-old, 33-pound orange cat at the shelter, they couldn’t resist taking him home. Even though he stood out among the other cats in the shelter, the couple found him adorable and cuddly like a large stuffed animal.

Bronson the fat cat at the Michigan humane society

Mike Wilson and his partner, Hanneman, were in a queue waiting to be interviewed so they could meet Bronson, a giant cat at the shelter. However, they had to leave for work before they could even talk to the shelter employee. Nonetheless, they still couldn’t get over the picture they had taken of Bronson. They kept talking about him non-stop on their way to work and regretted not staying around. As the day went on, they became more anxious that someone else would adopt Bronson, so they rushed back to the shelter as soon as they could. They were afraid that he would be gone because they were drawn to him so quickly. They were relieved to find Bronson still available for adoption when they returned the next day.

Bronson the fat polydactyl cat

Bronson, a young cat, was brought to the humane society after his elderly owner passed away. He had gained an excessive amount of weight and was known as “Fat Kat” by his previous owner. The shelter staff changed his name upon arrival, but his naming reflected how seriously they were taking his obesity. Bronson was a bit of a loner and always kept to himself despite living in a home with multiple pets. It is unclear how he gained so much weight at such a young age. Shelter workers speculate that he may have been fed too much kibble or table scraps.

Bronson the cat being held by a vet tech

The interviewer cautioned Mike Wilson and his wife Hanneman about the increased risk of health complications for Bronson, a cat they were considering adopting due to his size. The couple would need to help him lose weight gradually through diet and exercise to prevent diseases like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Additionally, the cat’s large size made it challenging for him to clean himself, so daily brushing was necessary to keep him clean. Upon meeting Bronson in person, the couple was surprised by how affectionate he was and couldn’t resist bringing him home, despite his oily fur.

Bronson and his owner Megan Hanneman

According to Mike Wilson, the man he met was disheveled and had a lot of dandruff in his hair. This was mainly due to his inability to groom himself as a result of his size. Mike was moved with compassion and longed to take him home, clean him up, and provide care for him.

Bronson, who was not very social in his previous life, has now become quite friendly with his two feline siblings since moving to his new home. His companions have encouraged him to explore the house and play with the toys lying around each room. Bronson’s owners are delighted to see their once-shy cat coming out of his shell. Wilson said that when they first brought him home, he spent most of his time in their bedroom doing his own thing. But now he eagerly waits by the door with their other cats when they get home, runs to the kitchen if he hears a noise, and hangs out with his siblings in the daytime. In fact, he has become a really sociable kitty.

Bronson the cat eats with his cat siblings

According to Mike Wilson, Bronson, the cat, is currently in the care of him and Hanneman. Although Bronson has not lost much weight yet, Wilson stated that he is on his way to becoming an active cat again. Wilson further elaborated that the weight loss journey for Bronson has been progressing well and there have been changes in his shape, particularly in his arms and shoulders. Previously, Bronson’s front arms would buckle when jumping down from the couch but now he can jump down without any issues.

The couple behind innovative wall-mounted furniture that encourages indoor cats to exercise have adopted a 33lb cat named Bronson. Originally, they planned to test their creations on a kitten but were immediately taken with the oversized feline, which they hope will be able to enjoy their designs once he loses weight. Owner Mike Wilson said that once Bronson has slimmed down enough to take flea and tick medication without risking his health, they plan to take him on walks outside. He added that the pet’s life will look very different in a year’s time.

Bronson is a dog that stands out wherever he goes, not only because of his large size but also his friendly and gentle nature. Those who meet him are instantly drawn to him and can’t resist petting him. His owner, Wilson, says that even the staff at the vet’s office were smitten with him, with several vets and techs coming in to meet him. Wilson considers herself fortunate to have such a lovable companion.

Mike Wilson’s parents just can’t resist giving Bronson a good pet every time they come across the big, cuddly cat. However, they soon realized that even Bronson, who seems to crave attention all the time, has his limits. Mike admits that it’s hard not to walk past Bronson and give him some love, but sometimes the cat just grunts and turns around when he’s had enough. Mike feels like Bronson is a celebrity because of how much attention he gets.

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