From Stray to Snuggles: The Heartwarming Tale of a Rescued Cat Finding Love and a Voice, A Journey of Resilience, Love, and Second Chances

Frequently, we come across stories of cats being left behind or abandoned. It’s a sad reality that cats have to go through, but in most cases, it’s not their fault. Brutus is one such cat who was abandoned, and while we don’t know the specifics of his story, it’s clear that he was left to fend for himself. Fortunately, destiny had something special planned for Brutus, and he found a loving human who took him in and provided him with a forever home in 2014.

Brutus is a unique cat with an expressive personality that shines through in his photographs. Despite being around ten years old now, this handsome tuxedo cat spends his days posing for the camera and doing whatever he pleases. So, let us introduce Brutus, a charming cat that you’ll fall in love with at first sight.

On Instagram, Brutus describes himself as a mouse-killer, food-bowl demolisher, and a snooze-lover. He was rescued by his humans in 2014, and he plans to keep them for good. I had the pleasure of talking to his owner about Brutus and asking some questions. And seriously, have you seen that adorable face?

How did you first meet Brutus?
One day, Brutus was abandoned by his previous owners who had moved away. He suffered from severe ear mites and a kind-hearted former neighbor brought him to AARF for medical care and adoption. Due to his unique name, which I found interesting as a history major, I met him at an adoption fair and decided to take him home.

What’s Brutus’ personality like?
As Brutus’ caregiver, or mom, depending on his mood, I have come to know him as a loving and demanding feline. He requires constant attention and loves to be petted and cuddled. He is also a great snuggle buddy who never shies away from strangers. Although he is inquisitive by nature, he doesn’t find much interest in playing with toys or catnip, and would rather spend his time napping on my lap. Despite his cauliflower ear and susceptibility to ear infections, Brutus continues to be a delightful addition to my life.

Brutus, like many tuxedo cats, has a bit of an attitude. He’s always striving to be the center of attention and the top cat in the room. If you can’t get enough of his antics, make sure to follow him on Instagram. And if you know anyone who loves cats, be sure to share his photos and story with them. Interestingly, a study on cattitude among tuxedo cats found that this trait is not uncommon. You can read more about it on

The pictures featured in this article come from ettubrutusthecat’s Instagram account.

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