Gigantic Cats Dominate Social Media: Amusing Pictures of Catzilla and Their Ridiculously Large Owners, Including One Especially Indolent Kitty Lounging in Their Personal Armchair

Numerous cat owners have taken to social media to showcase their gigantic feline companions. Many people worldwide have uploaded pictures of their supersized pets, ranging from an overweight cat who is nearly the size of its owner to a striped furball so enormous that it requires its own armchair. Bored Panda has compiled a collection of the most impressive photos, while others have been shared on the r/illegallybigcats subreddit. One image displays a cat only a few inches shorter than its owner when stretching out, and another depicts a paw almost as big as its owner’s hand. FEMAIL has rounded up some of the finest examples.

People have been sharing adorable photos of their big cats on social media, including one whose cat was as big as their body as they laid on their stomach and stared at him

Numerous individuals are sharing delightful snapshots of their large feline companions on social media. A remarkable photo shows one person laying on their stomach, while their massive cat sprawls beside them, almost the same size as their body, gazing up at the camera.

Another social media user, from the US, shared a photo of his large cat who was only a head shorter than him when it stretched out and stood on its hind legs

A person from the United States posted a picture on social media of their big cat. The feline was almost as tall as the user when it stood up on its hind legs and stretched out.

Someone else, from an unknown location, shared a photo of their beautiful white cat, who was huge and had a face just as big as theirs

Another individual, whose whereabouts remain undisclosed, posted a picture of their stunning white feline companion. The cat was not only massive in size but also had a facial structure similar in proportion to its owner’s.

A user from the US posted a snap on Reddit of their huge cat, who was almost as big as they were and very, very fluffy

An American Redditor shared a photo of their enormous and incredibly furry cat that was almost as large as them.

Another user, from the US, shared a photo of their large cat lounging on an armchair, with one leg on the arm and the other hanging off the edge of the chair

A fellow American Reddit user had a snap of their oversized feline, relaxed in an armchair, with one paw on the arm and the other dangled over the side of it.

A user from an unknown location shared an image of their cat sitting on their lap, as they seemed comparatively small to the large pet

An individual, whose location remains undisclosed, has posted a snapshot of their feline companion perched comfortably on their lap. The cat appears to be quite diminutive when compared to the sizable pet.

A user from Finland shared an image of a huge black and brown cat being held by their owner as they were fluffy and had huge paws

A Finnish individual posted a photo online featuring a large feline with black and brown fur, being cradled by its owner. This impressive cat was particularly fluffy and had paw pads that were unusually big.

Someone else, from the US, shared a snap of their ginger cat's paw resting on their hand, as they showed how large they were

Another individual, hailing from the United States, recently posted a photo of their ginger feline’s paw perched atop their own hand, showcasing the impressive size of the paw.

A user, from an unknown location, shared an image of the cat cuddling up to its owner on the sofa, sitting next to her with its paw on her leg as they seemingly watched TV together

An anonymous individual shared a picture of a cat snuggling with its owner on the couch. The feline sat beside the person and rested its paw on their leg as they appeared to enjoy some television time together.

Another user, from an unknown location, sat in the back garden on a plastic dining chair as their large cat sat on their lap and they stroked his neck

In the backyard of an anonymous user, they were cozily seated on a plastic outdoor chair with a big feline keeping them company. The user gently caressed the cat’s neck while enjoying the peaceful moment.

Meanwhile, a user from Sweden shared an image of their cat with its paws on the kitchen side, standing on its hind legs, as it looked over the top to see its owner making its dinner

In the meantime, a person hailing from Sweden posted a photo of their furry feline friend standing on its hind legs with its paws resting on the kitchen counter. The curious cat was keeping a watchful eye on its owner as they prepared its meal.

A user, from the US, showed their big cat sitting on top of the fridge, looking over what was happening in the kitchen with its huge paws dangling off the top

An American user shared a picture of their large feline companion perched atop their refrigerator, casually observing the activity in the kitchen while its massive paws hung over the edge.

Another user, from an unknown location, held their cat in her hands as the cat let its hands and legs dangle down

A different member, whose whereabouts are unclear, cradled their feline companion in their arms. The cat relaxed and allowed its paws to dangle freely.

Someone else, from Brazil, shared a picture of their father with his Maine Coon cat, whose body stretched down from the man's hips to above his head

A person from Brazil posted a photo of their dad with his Maine Coon feline companion. The cat’s body was so long that it reached from the man’s hips to above his head.

A user, from an unknown location, shared a picture of a large fluffy cat sitting in the snow

An individual, whose whereabouts are undisclosed, posted an image of a hefty and furry feline perched on top of a blanket of snow.

Another user said that their cat's 'winter coat' made them look fat, as the cat sat on the wooden flooring with his large white, grey and brown fur fluffing out around him

One person shared that their feline’s fluffier winter coat made them appear plump. The cat was perched on the hardwood floor, showcasing its voluminous white, grey, and brown fur.

Another user shared a photo of an owner hugging their large cat, as they stood up and the cat draped its paws over her shoulder

A different individual posted an image depicting a person embracing their sizable feline companion. The cat is shown extending its front paws over the owner’s shoulder while they both stand upright.

Meanwhile, a user from the US, shared a photo of a cat being held by its owner as it gazed at the camera

In the meantime, a person from the United States has posted a picture of their feline friend being cuddled by them as it stares adoringly at the lens.

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