Harley’s Heroics: Goldendoodle Rescues Drowning Fawn in a Lake

Ralph Dorn’s peaceful evening turned into a rescue mission when he discovered his Goldendoodle, Harley, swimming with an unexpected companion—a tiny baby deer about 200 feet from shore.

A Canine Lifesaver: Harley Escorts Fawn Safely to Shore

Harley’s instinctive response didn’t involve questioning how the fawn ended up in the lake. Instead, the 6-year-old canine leaped into action, paddling alongside the distressed fawn until they reached the safety of the shore.

dog saves fawn

Beyond Boundaries: Dorn and Harley’s Cliffside Adventure

Encountering the animals on land, Ralph Dorn assisted the fawn in navigating a challenging cliff. Harley, displaying remarkable care, gently licked the baby deer after bringing her out of the water and onto the grass.

Harley, a six-year-old Goldendoodle, with his new fawn friend that he rescued from a lake

Reluctant Parting: Harley’s Unwillingness to Leave the Fawn

Harley’s compassion extended beyond the water’s edge; he displayed a reluctance to part with the fawn, interacting with her, licking her, and attentively caring for her well-being.

Mother’s Reunion: A Deer Family Reconnects

As the fawn reached the safety of the land, her mother appeared on the scene. Ralph Dorn, noticing the mother deer, brought Harley inside. The doe and her baby left the area peacefully after their human rescuers withdrew.

They paddled back to land together

Persistent Bonds: Harley’s Unusual Bond with the Fawn

The next morning brought a surprise; Harley’s agitation signaled something amiss. Upon investigation, the Dorns heard the fawn bleating. Harley, rushing into the tree line, found the baby deer, fostering a brief yet heartwarming reunion.

Emotional Farewell: The Fawn’s Departure

Harley’s reunion with the fawn brought tranquility to the bleating baby. By day’s end, the mother and her baby disappeared. Ralph Dorn, recalling the brief encounter, hasn’t seen the pair since the estimated few days old fawn bid farewell.

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