He Was Wrapped in a Blanket and Left on the Street. What Chance Did He Have? A Tale of Abandonment and the Fight for Survival.

A nice Samaritan found a folded up blanket on the street. Pulling it up, he realized that a dying dog was inside.

The animal, who would later be called Harris, had just been abandoned following severe cruelty .

Abandoned dying dog is found by accident and saved


Urgently brought to Stray Rescue in Saint Louis (SR), his injuries were treated by medical staff and he was provided intravenous fluids and pain killers. The volunteers sat next to him, hoping for any reaction to the stimulation. It was entirely fine to wait for a signal.

In an effort to urge him to gather his strength and hold on, the personnel at the institution sought to make Harris feel welcome , loved and respected.

When the mending process wasn’t proceeding as planned, a shelter volunteer decided to lie down next to him, so that he could feel his presence.

At first it was required to put a feeding tube on him . Yet, just a few days later, he was able to feed on his own. Then, in the following minutes, he met the necessities and took the initial steps. A real miracle! Due to the wonderful help of the vets , he was able to recover.

Every day, Harris impresses everyone with fresh advancements. It seemed dubious that he could succeed. He hoped for an improvement, but each stride ahead astonished his human acquaintances. Eventually he recovered , till he ran!

Harris continues to fill the rescuers with pride. He is full of enthusiasm, and now, also of self-confidence. He is still healing, but no one believes that he will make a full recovery and find the right match for good.

Watch the video posted below to discover more about Harris and her extraordinary path of transformation and hope. Survival instinct helped him to overcome huge hurdles, up to the point where we see him now.

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