Heroic Woman Saves Dog from Oncoming Train: A Tale of Courage and Compassion Demonstrated by Everyday Heroes

Woman Removes A Stray Dog From The Tracks Seconds Before The Train Arrives

When she received a message about the pit bull wandering on the train tracks, Nina Love knew she couldn’t waste any time, and without a second thought, she grabbed her rescue kit and drove to the scene.

The dog was very large and she spotted it easily, but catching it would not be easy, so she asked for help from a fellow rescuer who lived near her.

They followed her through the train tracks for about 3 miles, everyone was nervous, especially knowing that at any moment the train would pass.

Nina told The Dodo:

“I knew the train would be here soon because it passed right before we met her, and trains run every 10 to 15 minutes.”

The adrenaline was at the limit and, although Nina was risking her life, when she looked into the dog’s eyes, she knew she had to help her. The dog was trembling with fear and so she was running away, but Nina noticed when she looked at her that she was screaming for help.

Nina commented:

“She was scared so I kept my distance.”

Luckily, Nina’s rescue partner brought her little dog Teddy with her, as the presence of another dog seemed to put the pup at ease.

They approached her while her friend was talking to her, Teddy got even closer and, although the dog was hesitant, they managed to catch her.

Nina added:

“My friend hugged her until she pulled closer and I was able to tie her up.”

The group was still gathered on the tracks with the two dogs when the train approached them, and luckily they were able to get out of the way just in time. At that moment they were so excited and the adrenaline was so high, that they didn’t even hear the horn of the train as it approached.

After being safe, everyone felt calm, but the moment was so emotional that Nina could not stand it and burst into tears.

Nina has always been known for working helping homeless dogs in Philadelphia, she also visits local shelters and attends emergencies. She usually answers social media posts about doggies in need or takes calls from different residents in her community.

For now, Nina is helping the dog get over this terrible experience and get the attention she so deserves.

Nina commented:

“Most importantly, she loves being a pet and she deserves a second chance at life.”

But, after everything she’s been through, she most likely needs a foster home that will help the sweet little dog, offering her lots of love.

Erica Milbourne

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