Honoring the Memory of Shukuru: A Tribute to Her Inspiring Journey and Unforgettable Spirit.

We share the news of Shukuru’s passing with profound sadness. After a decade-long battle with health issues that proved challenging to diagnose, our beloved elephant left us peacefully on November 29, 2021.

While we had prepared ourselves for this inevitable moment, the pain of her absence weighed heavy on our hearts.

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Shukuru, whose name translates to “I am grateful” in Swahili, led a life that, though tragically brief, was filled with love and joy.

Despite her health challenges, Shukuru remained serene and connected to her human-elephant family until the end. Her rescue story is as touching as her name suggests.

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She fell into a maintenance hole when she was only a few days old, and a nearby herdsman heard her cries and saved her from those who sought to harm her for meat.

Thanks to his bravery, Shukuru was rescued, setting the stage for her peaceful life with her new family.

Initially, Shukuru was relocated to our Ithumba Reintegration Unit in 2013. However, it soon became evident that she was not thriving in Tsavo, and her health issues became increasingly apparent as she grew older.

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After careful consideration, we decided to bring Shukuru back to our Nairobi Nursery, where a dedicated team of veterinarians could closely monitor her health and ensure her comfort.

Yet, after six months in the Nursery, it became apparent that Shukuru was bored with her surroundings. Understanding the close connection between an elephant’s emotional state and physical well-being, we prioritized her happiness.

Consequently, in July 2018, we moved Shukuru to Umani Springs, where she could socialize with other elephants and explore her horizons, a desire she so clearly displayed.

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Umani Springs became Shukuru’s sanctuary for several years. Despite facing challenges in thriving, she seemed content until her health issues led her to isolate herself from the larger herd.

This prompted us to return her to the Nursery for the third time in May of this year.

Surprisingly, this time, Shukuru found comfort and ease among the more minor orphans, becoming a reassuring presence to them, always surrounded by a group of young elephants who looked up to her.

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Shukuru held a special place in the hearts of all the Nursery babies, but it became evident that her time with us was drawing to a close.

Despite our unwavering efforts to care for her over 12 years, we encountered daily struggles. Consultations with veterinarians did not yield the answers we sought, and her blood work revealed fluctuating infections.

An unusual lump near the temporal gland on her head, which had appeared when she was still a baby, hinted at a chronic issue beyond medical intervention. Three days before her passing, Shukuru stopped eating and drinking.

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We did everything we could to save her, but it became apparent that she had decided to embark on her final journey on her terms.

On a Monday afternoon, Shukuru took her last breath, surrounded by the Keepers who had been by her side throughout the years. She remained composed and accepting, knowing that her journey had ended.

Following Shukuru’s passing, we conducted a postmortem examination to determine the cause of her death.

We withheld this news until we received the autopsy and histopathology results, aiming to understand her afflictions better.

The most significant issue identified was an abnormally enlarged and deformed thyroid, which compromised various bodily functions, including metabolism, heart function, and growth.

This could explain her stunted development despite regular iron and causal injections.

While we await further results, it is clear that Shukuru’s body failed to support her as she grew, and her passing has left us deeply saddened.

For 12 years, she was an integral part of our lives, and though we anticipated she might not live to a ripe old age, the loss still cuts deep.

Nevertheless, we cherish our time with this beautiful soul and know that her spirit is finally free from a body that could never fully support her.

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