In a touching occasion, two shelter dogs exchanged vows in a charming wedding ceremony, commemorating their newfound life together.

Two surrendered Chihuahuas mixes at a Texas shelter celebrated their love by having a wedding ceremony.

Nine-year-old Peanut and three-year-old Cashew, bonded as soon as they met each other at the San Antonio Humane Society medical building after they received dental surgeries.

Sadly, they were both surrendered at the same time, because both of their families could no longer care for them.

They spent a lot of time together at the humane society and quickly grew inseparable.

After watching their relationship turn into something special, shelter staff decided to throw them a wedding to celebrate their love, as well as to help them find forever homes.

Their wedding ceremony consisted of a red carpet aisle to walk down, a custom-made mini chapel, a bubble machine, and a doggy friendly wedding cake.

Peanut donned a handsome tuxedo while Cashew wore a pretty white dress and veil. They enjoyed their intimate wedding ceremony, where they were surrounded by staff, volunteers and closest friends.

“Although we would love to see them continue their lifelong honeymoon fur-ever together, Peanut and Cashew do not have to go home together,” SAHS wrote on Facebook. “It was a short summer fling after all. How does the saying go? ‘Til adoption do us part? Something like that!”


If you’re interested in adopting either dog or both of them together, please contact the San Antonio Humane Society.

Watch their wedding in the video below:

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