Kindhearted Man Constructs Special Wheelchairs, Restoring Mobility to Handicapped Dogs.

Dubbed as the “saint of the valley” of Sam Ngao District in Thailand’s Tak province, Werachat “Chat” Sirisor believes that handicapped animals, too, deserve to move freely. This is why he has been crafting wheelchairs for handicapped dogs in the area for free since the last few years.

While most handicapped animals especially dogs and cats are often overlooked, disabled canines in Sam Ngao district now can move and walk as freely thanks to Werachat’s special pet wheelchairs.

Werachat who is also known as Jaa Chat has been a soldier for 8 years


He also helps the rural communities by offering them medicines, bed sets, clothes and other amenities

Apart from his official duties as a soldier, Jaa Chat also loves to spend his spare time building custom-made wheelchairs for handicapped dogs


According to Jaa Chat, he gets to build as many wheelchairs he wants thanks to the low-cost and easily accessible materials he uses.

Each wheelchair he builds uses PVC pipes and rubber tubes which he would measure carefully to suit each dog

The pipes and tubes are donated to him as well as bought from his own expenses

When asked about building free wheelchairs for handicapped dogs, Jaa Chat said that the wheelchairs could at least lessen the burden of handicapped animals when they have already suffered enough in life

“They used to run and enjoy their life, but with a disability, they can feel stressed as they’re not able to enjoy or even eat anymore,” he said in an interview with Daily News.

“Even if my wheelchairs can’t make them run again, it will still allow them to walk around without pain. Plus, their hearts and emotions will feel better.”

Most dogs that are handicapped usually have health issues like hip dysplasia or amputations

Unfortunately, this often results in them being abandoned by their former owners.

With the custom-made wheelchairs, these handicapped dogs could at least move about and play by themselves without having to rely on kind strangers

He has saved over 100 abandoned handicapped dogs with his wheelchairs


The soldier does not only care about stray handicapped dogs as he is also willing to help out locals when their pets fall sick or are handicapped

For those who want to give some donations for his volunteering work, there is a Facebook page where they can do so.

The Facebook page is also where Jaa Chat often posts updates about his latest volunteering projects and photos of his amazing pet wheelchairs.

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