LADY IN RED: Georgina Rodriguez stuns in red dress at Paris Fashion Week reliving Ronaldo’s golden age at Theater of Dreams

GEORGINA RODRIGUEZ ruled in red during Paris Fashion Week, shining just as brightly as her throwback message for her boyfriend Cristiano Ronaldo.

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Georgina Rodríguez's outfit brought back memories of vintage Cristiano RonaldoAt the Theatre of Dreams, the model transformed the classy occasion into a red catwalk, bringing Ron’s golden age back to life.

Nothing was left to the imagination by the Spanish influencer, but not in the way that one might often think.

Wearing it loud and proud, Georgina shows the most important message

The stunning gown Georgina wore blended in with Ronaldo’s iconic Manchester United No. 7 shirt, an homage to the former player’s magnificent Old Trafford heyday from 2003-09 rather than his depressing 2021-22 “error”.

Georgina stood out in gear from fashion house Vetements

The 39-year-old striker for Al-Nassr then paid it forward by writing “for the love of my life” on the back of the card.

In addition to his signature, Ron included a name check for the upscale Swiss fashion label “To Vetements” on the front of the garment.

The model posed with her twin kids Eva and Mateo Ronaldo

In an early look at the womenswear collection for the upcoming fall and winter, Georgina commanded centre stage.

She also surprised a lot of ecstatic onlookers by striking a pose in one picture with two small guests.

Georgina wears a creation by designer Guram Gvasalia

With their five children, Georgina and Ronaldo primarily reside in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Additionally, six-year-old twins Mateo and Eva appeared with Georgina at the glittering event in the French capital, dressed in athletic black attire.

She looked resplendent in the gown

With 57.5 million Instagram followers, the social media celebrity wore a flowing red dress with a white trim and black Ronaldo’s signature.

Even though it reached the ankles, it might not be appropriate to refer to it as wintry or autumnal clothing.

The influencer took a major role in a show partly for ready-to-wear fashion

However, the overall impression was calm as she moved along a red carpet with the ideal balance of color and chill.

But such grace was a far cry from her partner’s most recent on-pitch antics.

Looking back with love, Georgina displays the dress and Ronaldo's note

Ronaldo was given a one-game suspension by Saudi authorities after he seemed to make an obscene gesture at Al-Shabab supporters.

Ronaldo's partner held her professional gaze on the catwalk

Thus, although Georgina had gorgeous red hair, the symbol of Portugal may have a melancholic red face.

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