Lost and Disoriented Dog Found on the Street with a Swollen Face, Prompting Concern and Urgent Assistance.

Pauline, the dog, was found wandering the streets with an abnormally swollen face.

When rescuers from Animal Aid Unlimited approached her, she was writhing in pain and appeared to be delirious. She was deeply frightened and wouldn’t let anyone get near her.

Seeing that Pauline needed urgent care, the rescuer blinded her with a blanket, grabbed her and took her to the rescue van. Pauline was terrified when she arrived at the hospital. The veterinarian quickly sedated her and began to examine her swollen face and head.

They discovered a festering sore on Pauline’s throat, colonized by an army of maggots. The maggots were not only causing the massive swelling, but they were also eating away at her from the inside and driving her to a slow and painful death.


The veterinarian immediately applied medication to exterminate the maggots. Later, they cleaned her wound in a grueling procedure. Now that she is maggot free, they hope her wound will begin to heal soon.


Fortunately, Pauline’s swelling went down in three days! A few weeks later, she was healed and running around the sanctuary like the happiest soul in the world. Although Pauline’s treatment was disorienting to watch, we are in awe of the rescue team and doctors for their determined efforts to save this sweet girl!

Click on the video below to see Pauline’s intense treatment and miraculous recovery!

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