Man heroically carries his dog on his back to protect him from the flooding.

Thai Theerachot Homjom had to carry his dog on his back to save him from a heavy flood produced by tropical storm Sinlaku, which ravaged the Asian country some time ago.

The rains prompted the Kuang River to overflow, striking thousands of homes and buildings in Chiang Rai province, where the man resides. In short, the flood destroyed most of the physical structure of the region.



People had to depart, being moved to higher regions. Some were trying to preserve their stuff, but for Homjom his puppy was much, much more essential.

The Thai is a local army soldier who helped hundreds of people devastated by the floods, being recognized as a hero.



According to the Metro portal, Homjom said the following after the rescue: “Floods can ruin my house, but not this wonderful dog.”



The puppy was quite concerned about what was happening, so his foster dad wanted to make him feel protected.

Homjom has given the four-legged companion the amount of importance he deserves and that many people regretfully disregard.



Find out how the rescue went by watching the video below:



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