Man Rescues Stranded Dog on Deserted Island During Amazon Jungle Cruise.

A man was cruising down the Amazon River when he noticed a dog abandoned on a remote island and felt he had to help her.

David Foster was on a river trip when he discovered the abandoned, hungry puppy on the Amazon rainforest island. “All I could see as she came racing down the shore was this skeleton body,” he explained.

He knew right away that he couldn’t leave the dog behind. But it didn’t imply it would be simple to save her.

In the video below, you can see Negrita’s remarkable rescue tale.

More images of Negrita’s rescue may be found on David’s rescue website, Play For Strays.

Negrita now calls Northern Ireland home and David her father after recuperating from illness for 5 months. She’s even picked up her first English word, “treats.”

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