Man’s stolen service dog faints in his arms upon being reunited, overwhelmed with emotion.

Virginia Beach Police are investigating after a vehicle containing a man’s assistance dog was stolen.

Bobby Linville, a street performer, claims that when his van was stolen from a parking lot, his eight-month-old Husky mix, Baby Girl Blue, was inside.

Linville struggles to live in ordinary life without Blue’s support. Linville receives mental and physical support from Blue. He is somewhat autistic and suffers from seizures, which Blue can predict. He also suffers PTSD, so Blue is there to help him cope with that as well.

“I don’t give a damn about my van.” I can buy another vehicle because my boss owns a lot of cars. A vehicle is a penny a dozen, but you can’t replace my dog. You know what I mean when I say my dog was my right hand man? Linville told 10 On Your Side, “Like, my best friend, my everything, I’m trying not to cry as we speak.”

Fortunately, Baby Girl Blue was discovered by a Norfolk police officer and sent to the Norfolk Animal Care Center. They spotted the missing dog story on WAVY News 10 and tracked down Linville to reunite the two.

Linville was pleased to have Blue back in his arms after she collapsed with delight at the sight of her human.

Linville is relieved to get his pet dog back, but he is now homeless. Linville and Blue were living in their van, but the guy who took it is still being sought by police.

Linville, on the other hand, is trying to save money to buy a new van.

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